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At the agritourism B&B you can appreciate the peace & quiet of a small village of Trentino, but just few km away you can find many facilities if you like nature, sports, culture and gastronomy (food).
In the middle of the Non Valley, the Santa Giustina lake is the biggest in the area. Many streams have brought their water to the lake through the millennia and this constant and slow erosion creates the many canyons, waterfalls, gorges and ravines for which the Valley is also very famous.
Another highlight of the landscape is the Tovel Lake a beautiful, romantic and natural body of water in the middle of the Natural Reserve Adamello Brenta.
The environment is pure nature. At its base the valley is covered with fields dedicated to the farming of the apples. Climbing the surrounding gentle slopes you will find green fields and pastures and at the very top, the beautiful landscape of the mountain ranges.  The rocky Dolominti di Brenta towards south-west are part of the bigger group of the Dolomites UNESCO heritage. In these unspoiled landscape lives guarded the brown bear.
Last, but not least is the culture. There are two gems which stand out from the large cultural panorama of the valley. One is the ancient Sanctuary of San Romedio that is considered one of the more extraordinary hermitages of Europe. The other is the majestic (stately) Thun Castle that is situated just at the entrance of the Non Valley from south.


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